Think outside the box with Parapan®

Innovative designers are now realizing the limitless design opportunities for Parapan® and specifying the glorious, high gloss acrylic for unusual and unexpected applications.  This black cube desk was produced for the BIID stand at Decorex.

Mark Bithrey, Marketing Director of B3 Designers, designed the cube, ‘Parapan® was an obvious choice for us. It is easy to work with and the finished products always look stunning. We contacted Parapan® because we know they have sound customer service – they were happy to help us.’

Available in 23 solid colours Parapan® can be used for any vertical surface including doors, drawers and paneling. Extremely durable, minor blemishes can easily be repaired but it is advisable to protect Parapan® if used for a horizontal surface. Parapan® can be machine cut to size and thermoformed into any radius of curve.

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