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How much does Parapan® Weigh?


3000mm x 1000mm = 64kg

.˙. sq/m = 21kg


3000mm x 1000mm = 14kg

.˙. sq/m = 4½kg

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How thick are Parapan® doors?

18mm thick. It is also available in 4mm in all the same colours for cladding, backsplashes and plinths etc.

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How many Parapan® colours are there?

There are 19 colours available. View them here.

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What are the sizes of doors that you sell?

Doors are made to order any size up to 1m x 3m.

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What is the delivery time after placing an order?

We state 4 weeks but it may be sooner depending on workload.

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What are the prices for Parapan® doors?

As all doors are bespoke the price depends on the size. Please call for an indicative price list, or go to the trade quote request tool.

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I am a consumer- how do I order Parapan® doors?

There are many kitchen retailers with Parapan® kitchen displays throughout the UK where you can order Parapan®. Find your closest retailer.

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Is Parapan® just for kitchens?

No, its durability and moisture resistance mean that it is suitable for a wide variety of different applications. Designers have used Parapan® all around the house from the bathroom to the bedroom. Parapan® can also be found in retail displays, the healthcare environment and is proving extremely popular in the office.

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What is meant by solid?

Parapan® is purely solid acrylic all the way through, it is not laminated or coated in any way.

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What are the edge treatments available?

Please look on the edges treaments section of this web site or call for a leaflet.

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Do you supply curved doors?

Yes doors are thermoformed into curves of your choice. You can use our existing moulds or order a new one. View more information about curved doors.

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Can Parapan® be used for worktops?

No it is not heat resistant and is not suitable for horizontal surfaces.

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Do Parapan® doors become static?

They can do so we supply an anti-static cleaner called Parastat.

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Can Parapan® be supplied with hinge holes?

Yes at a small charge.

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How do you clean Parapan®?

We sell an anti static cleaner called Parastat that also helps reduce finger marks.

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