Thickness 4mm and 18mm
Sheet sizes Will accommodate virtually any size doors


PARAPAN® furniture-fronts made from solid 18mm acrylic material and 4mm material for furniture-doors are manufactured according to the requirements for furniture-fronts based on DIN 68 861.




Mechanical Characteristics Parapan® Unit Test Regulation
Tensile strength 74 N/mm2 ISO 527-2/1 B/5
Tensile elongation at break 5.5 % ISO 527-2/1 B/5
Module of elasticity min. 3100 N/mm2 ISO 527-2/1 B/1
Apparent density 1.19 g/cm3 ISO 1183
Peel strength of screws 1200 N Internal Test
Tolerance of thickness ± 9 at 18mm
± 18 at 4mm
% ISO 7823-1




Thermal Characteristics Parapan® Unit Test Standard
Coefficient of elongation for 0 to 50 deg. C 70.10-6 1/K DIN 53752-A
VICAT softening temperature min. 105 deg.C ISO 306/B
Dry heat 5 deg.C EN12722
Wet heat 5 deg.C EN12721




Surface Condition Parapan® Unit Test Regulation
Surface roughness 0.003 µ DIN 4775
Gloss Level high brilliancy visual evaluated
Light resistance fulfilled Greyless standard EN 4892
Abrasion resistance fulfilled 150 U DIN 68 861
Scratch resistance fulfilled DIN 68 861 T4




Chemical Loading Functional Group Parapan® MDF-Alkyd-Resin-varnish Compressed Wood DD-Varnish
NaCI saturated liquid 1A unchanged unchanged unchanged
coffee, tea 1A unchanged unchanged unchanged
wine, red and white 1A unchanged unchanged unchanged
ethanol 1A unchanged unchanged small change
olive oil 1A unchanged unchanged unchanged
blackcurrant juice 1A unchanged unchanged unchanged



3000mm x 1000mm = 64kg
.˙. sq/m = 21kg
3000mm x 1000mm = 14kg
.˙. sq/m = 4½kg


PARAPAN® has the same fire-related behaviour as standard acrylic sheets.
Testing according DIN 4102 has the following results:
Class B2 normal flammability
Class TR1 no burning droplets
Class Q1 low density smoke
Click here for the E. C. Safety Data Sheet
Click here for the Certificate of Conformity
Click here for the Parastat Health and Safety Data Sheet
Please Note: All doors should be stored flat and at room temperature.


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