Parapan® in 4 Luxurious Penthouse Apartments

Leading designers are now recognising the special qualities of high gloss acrylic Parapan® and specifying it for their most prestigious jobs. High gloss white Parapan® was recently chosen by Asselle Products Ltd for 4 luxurious penthouse apartments in the Grosvenor Waterside development.

Two thicknesses offer flexibility for all vertical surfaces -18mm for doors and drawers and 4mm for panelling and splashbacks – both can be machine cut to size and thermoformed into any radius of curve.

The superior high gloss of Parapan® – now available in 23 colours – is UV stable and will not fade. Non porous and solid it won’t rot or delaminate making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean, minor blemishes can be easily removed.

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